Drop-off & Pick-up

Service Options for This Tax Season!!!

FOR THE 2024 INCOME TAX SEASON (2023 Calendar Year Returns):

You can still do everything at our office - via our drop off service!  In-person cash payments still save you 10%, but we also accept secure payments online to our PayPal or Square/CashApp account, as well as debit/credit card payments and personal checks in the office.

We now offer a 100% virtual service, which keeps everyone safe and secure!  This new service allows you to upload all of your tax documents securely to us, electronically sign your completed tax documents, and even pay securely right from the comfort of your own home!!!  Just shoot me an email at Rwise@WiseTaxPrep.com, and I will send you the secure link!!  

We are also working on making virtual 'meetings' available for those who need to discuss things 'in person.'

Signatures and Pick-up

For signatures and pick-up of completed returns,  appointments are now required.  If you happen to just stop in during the office hours, we will do our very best to work everyone in, as we are always more than happy to assist you!! 

Standard Direct Deposit and Paper Checks are available at no charge.  Direct Deposits are normally available in about 5-15 days, and Paper Checks are normally received in about 17-21 days excluding any postal holidays.  As the new IRS processing system improves, some refunds may be available in as little as 3 days.  There is no fee for either service. 

Calling in to the Office

PLEASE listen carefully to the receptionist (he/she answers every call) in order to get you the fastest possible response time!!!

Chettie will be handling the phones again this year, and should be able to help you with most issues.   If we are on the phone, or busy with a client, you may still get voicemail, even during open office hours.  Please be aware that Chettie is in the office only during open office hours.

Drop-off Information

Paperwork may be dropped off 24/7 in the tall, black lock-box between the front windows (a supply of weather-proof envelopes should be on the side the box). 

PLEASE make certain to include the required intake forms (there is usually a small supply on top of the drop box), as we CANNOT complete your paperwork without them.  If you submit your paperwork without the intake forms, your file will be put on hold until they are received.

It is our policy to process paperwork on a first-in, first-out basis..  Voicemail and our Facebook page will be updated almost nightly by 10pm to reflect the progress of our work.  Please make a note for yourself of when you dropped off your paperwork so that you can judge by the message if your return is completed.  We do attempt to contact each person individually to tell them paperwork is complete, but if we happen to have an old email/phone, we might miss you!  Please note that if your paperwork is missing items, or your required intake forms are missing or incomplete, it could cause a delay in the processing of your return, and an additional fee.  Paperwork cannot be finalized without a completed and signed Engagement Letter.   Our files MUST include Driver's License or other picture ID for the taxpayer (and spouse, if a joint return).  If you provided these last year, and your driver's license(s) have not expired, you do not need to provide them again, but will need them as proof of identity in order to sign/pick up your paperwork..